Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri must work to fix a broken system

The stunning results of the election show that voters are demanding change. People across the country feel like Washington has rigged the system against them — and they are right. On issues ranging from health care to the tax code, government policies are harming working Americans while enriching special interests.

Missouri voters chose to send Sen. Roy Blunt back to Washington to tackle these issues. Now he must work to reform our broken system. Otherwise, he risks losing the support of the hardworking Missourians who entrusted him with this task.

Missouri workers won on Election Day

Missouri workers have something to be hopeful about after the Nov. 8 election. When he takes office, Governor-elect Eric Greitens will quickly take up an issue he advocated throughout his campaign: giving workers the freedom to decide whether they should support a union.

Many Missouri workers have been denied that freedom for decades, and new leadership in Jefferson City can make sure the “right to work” becomes enshrined in our state law.

Currently, all Missourians are required by law to pay union dues if they take a job at a unionized business. Regardless of whether workers agree with the union’s political activity or other stances, they’re forced to hand over part of their wages to the union as a condition of employment.

Standing Alone Against Higher Taxes

SB 623, a bill designed to take advantage of lower gas prices to raise your taxes, was perfected in the Missouri Senate last week.

During the Thursday press conference Senator Libla, sponsor of SB 623, mentioned the Missouri Alliance for Freedom was the ONLY group to oppose it.

The quote from the Fulton Sun:
“They were the only ones who opposed the bill in committee, when we had 30 other groups — all kinds of groups from all over the state — support the bill in the committee,” Libla said at a Thursday news conference.

Missouri Alliance for Freedom was the only witness to testify against this bill.

However, the quote is slightly misleading. The quote attempts to make you believe a significant number of groups representing constituents are supporting SB 623. We would disagree.

Below is a review of the witnesses who testified that day.

First was Patrick McKenna of the Missouri Department of Transportation. Without a doubt, a government agency is going to support higher taxes to fuel their bureaucracy. McKenna did not disappoint us.

Even while pleading for more money the director said all federal funds should go to further expansion and new projects. While funding is apparently low the director of MODOT is advocating to increase our maintenance costs. Again, the bureaucracy will never disappoint us.

Other representatives of bureaucracy to testify were the Missouri Municipal League and the Missouri Association of Counties (counties and cities get a portion of any increase in taxes).

Other groups to testify were the Heavy Constructors Association, Mercury Alliance, Missouri Petroleum Association, Associated General Contractors, the Missouri Trucking Association, Saint Louis Building Trades, and the Missouri Council of Engineering Companies. What do all these particular groups have in common? These groups represent those who profit from highway construction profits. Many of them representing big corporations advocating to raise your taxes to increase their bank accounts.

Of course, many chambers of commerce testified. No doubt many of their members also belong to the associations listed above. A group of companies paying many groups to lobby for a tax increase to make it appear there is overwhelming support.

During the entire hearing, there was one witness who could claim to be an individual testifying of their volition and not for an association. However, that individual was from Kansas, works for an engineering/construction company, and was the past president of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers.

Was the Missouri Alliance for Freedom the only group to oppose the tax increase? Absolutely. We’re proud to stand between your wallet and government. We will continue to do so regardless of the opposition.

If you agree a new tax increase is wrong for the State of Missouri, we currently have petition opposing this tax and would appreciate your support.

Local Control, Not Local Tyranny

Several years ago I had the opportunity to sit on the Board of Adjustments for the City of Springfield. The board heard appeals from residents about decisions made by Planning and Zoning.

On one occasion, the City of Springfield told a resident their new garage was three inches too high. The city requested the resident either lower their garage or rebuild it.

They appealed and the board unanimously voted to approve the appeal. It was crazy for the city to ask a resident to spend $30,000…for three inches hurting no one.

This is an example of both local tyranny and local control. Wayward city employees held back by a board of fellow residents – neighbors.

Union Myth: Right-To-Work Creates Freeloaders

Freeload: to get or ask for things from people without paying for them.

Unions often refer to the term freeloader in their opposition to Right-to-work. Their argument is that if Right-to-work passes the unions will be required to represent non-union members. Unions claim that it is unfair to force dues-paying members to cover the costs of representing non-members.

We agree. No union should be forced to represent non-members.

Would you leave your job for less pay?

All too often the left wants to vilify supporters of Right-to-Work as anti-family and anti-worker. Nothing could be further from the truth and many of us support this issue because we want a state with greater economic prosperity for our families and workers, not less.

I am fortunate to have a good family that has shown me firsthand the positives of working in a union.