AFP-Missouri Announces Major Ad Buy Urging Sen. McCaskill To Support Tax Reform

Group Supports Unified Framework - Urges Passage This Year

Jefferson City, MO – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) – Missouri has announced a seven-figure ad buy that urges Sen. McCaskill to support the “Big 6” tax reform framework released by the White House last week. The TV ad is part of a larger $4.5 million ad campaign by AFP, which also includes ads in Indiana and Wisconsin. Supplemented with a digital buy, the ad will run on cable and local networks for three weeks starting Friday.

As a part of the ad launch, AFP-Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady will participate in a media conference call. Details below.

AFP has focused its efforts all summer on reform that unrigs the economy – making the tax code fairer, flatter and simpler, lowering rates across the board and eliminating as many loopholes as possible. Last week, Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady visited with members of the Missouri congressional delegation and received an in-depth tax reform briefing from senior administration officials.

“The Unified Tax Reform Framework is the type of bold, pro-growth plan that makes the tax code simpler, fairer and flatter,” said AFP-Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady. “The framework would deliver tax relief to families and small business while reducing loopholes and special interest carve-outs, all items Sen. McCaskill claimed she could find ‘common ground’ with President Trump.” Cady continued, “As a member of Senate Finance Committee, Sen. McCaskill can help champion this common-sense tax reform Missourians have vocally supported. Now is not the time to let partisan politics get in the way of delivering for her constituents.”


Tax Reform Ad screenshot.PNG


The ad features a woman explaining that tax reform isn’t a political issue:

“People are sick of politics. I am too.

But fixing our broken tax system isn’t about politics, it’s about helping people. It means the powerful, well-connected, the politicians – they’ll stop benefiting from a rigged system.

It means everyday Americans will have more money to spend on what’s important to them.

That’s what tax reform will do.

So what’s stopping us?”

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