AFP-Missouri Disappointed in Sen. McCaskill’s Vote Against Tax Reform

Group disappointed in Sen. McCaskill's vote against Missouri families and small businesses

Jefferson City, MO – On the heels of Sen. McCaskill voting against the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) – Missouri released a statement condemning the action. By voting “No,” Senator McCaskill attempted to deny her constituents the opportunity to unrig the U.S. economy and provide families, individuals, and businesses an opportunity to cut corporate welfare, and lower tax rates.

For months, Sen. McCaskill has expressed willingness to work with President Trump and her colleagues and has even publicly supported many aspects of the bill, including reducing the corporate rate and removing corporate welfare from the tax code. In 2015, Sen. McCaskill admitted, “The current U.S. tax system is broken and needs reform.”

“It’s disappointing though not surprising Sen. McCaskill was willing to give-in to partisan politics over her constituents,” said AFP-Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady. “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will make America competitive globally, provide tax relief to small business business and hard-working families, and rid our tax code of many loopholes and special interest carve-outs.” Cady continued, “For months, Sen. McCaskill has stated her willingness to be a part this once-in-a-generation opportunity, yet at every turn, she found ill-informed reasons to deny Missourians the benefit of tax reform. It’s a shame. On the other hand, it’s no surprise Sen. Blunt voted with Missouri families in mind and for that, Missourians thank him.”

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