AFP-Missouri Praises Tax Reform Plan

Group Applauds White House and Congress on Unifying Plan to Bolster Economy, Deliver Tax Relief

Jefferson City, MO – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) – Missouri is applauding the White House and Members of Congress on the release of their bold, pro-growth tax reform plan unveiled today. The grassroots group praised the plan, which aims to simplify the tax code for businesses and individuals and deliver relief to all Missourians. Specifically, the group was pleased to see a decrease in individual and corporate rates, simplification of individual tax brackets, and the removal of most itemized deductions.

AFP focused its efforts all summer on reform that unrigs the economy – making the tax code fairer, flatter and simpler, lowering rates across the board and eliminating as many loopholes as possible. This week, Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady visited with members of the Missouri congressional delegation and received an in-depth tax reform briefing from senior administration officials.

“The framework unveiled by the White House and Congress is exactly what Missouri needs,” said Jeremy Cady. “It delivers relief to families in the form of a rate cut and simplicity. It also spurs economic growth through lower taxes. Unlike the status quo where special interests are rewarded with carve-outs and loopholes, this tax plan institutes a more fair, simplified tax code for all individuals, families, and businesses.”

Cady continued: “AFP-Missouri will continue its grassroots efforts to educate Missourians on the benefits of this plan. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, we encourage Sen. McCaskill to support this framework that will undoubtedly bolster our state economy and institute fairness in the tax code for businesses and all individuals – something all members can get behind regardless of political party.”

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