AFP-MO Announces Major Digital Ad Buy Tying Koster to Clinton

EFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Americans for Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO), the leading grassroots organization urging for the defeat of Chris Koster in the Gubernatorial race, today announced a major digital ad buy pointing out the ties between Chris Koster’s and Hillary Clinton’s agendas.

To view the ad, click HERE.

The ad states, “Hillary Clinton is spending half a million dollars to get Chris Koster elected. What does she get in return?

“Like Clinton, Koster backs Obamacare even though it’s been a disaster for Missouri families.

“And like Clinton, Koster has his own ethics problems, engaging in what the Wall Street Journal called ‘one of the dirtier practices in modern politics.’

“Koster is out for himself, not Missouri.”

AFP-MO state director, Jeremy Cady had the following to say: “Missourians need to know that Koster’s ethical issues and policies would cost them dearly.”

“While our premiums increase by double digits and our choice of insurers dwindles, Koster stands behind the disastrous healthcare law– just like Clinton, who supports him. We can’t afford to have another politician beholden to the Clinton agenda of more Obamacare and more cronyism.”

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