AFP-MO Calls On Senator McCaskill To Vote “Yes” On Budget Resolution

Budget Vote is Necessary First Step in Enacting Tax Reform This Year

Jefferson City, MO – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) – Missouri today called on Senator McCaskill to vote “Yes” next week on the Senate Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution. Passed out of the Senate Budget Committee, the budget contains reconciliation instructions that would pave the way for a tax reform package that would unrig the American economy and make the tax code fairer, flatter, and simpler for all families and businesses. AFP has issued a key vote alert on this legislation.

“Passing this budget is a critical first step towards enacting bold, pro-growth tax reform,” said AFP-Alaska State Director Jeremy Cady. “The framework President Trump and Congress released would provide tax relief to families and small business and remove special interest loopholes and carve-outs, both of which Senator McCaskill has publicly supported. By supporting this budget resolution, Senator McCaskill would show her constituents she isn’t letting partisan politics in Washington get in the way of helping Missouri families and small businesses.”

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