AFP-MO FACT CHECK: Kander on Economic Opportunity

BRANSON, MO – Jason Kander said the following about economic opportunity during today’s debate:

“We need to focus on the middle class and making sure that they have more economic opportunity.”

But Kander supports policies that will take even more money out of your pocket.

Because of Obamacare, Missourians are left with fewer choices and higher costs. Yet, Jason Kander voted ten times to protect Obamacare.

Kander supported Cap and Trade which would increase energy costs for families by $1,870 annually by 2020 and $6,800 more by 2035.

Kander also supported an initiative that forced Missouri families to purchase a percentage of their energy from “renewable” sources, making it more difficult for Missouri’s poor to stay warm during our cold winters.

All while over half of Missouri households already spend 20 percent of their income on energy costs.

So how will Jason Kander help the middle class when he’s raising costs for Missouri families?

AFP-MO state director, Jeremy Cady, had the following to say:

“Jason Kander is in lockstep with President Obama on the same failed policies that drive up costs and hurt our middle class. If elected to Senate, Missourians will pay the price for Kander’s agenda through higher taxes, healthcare costs, and energy prices.”

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