Claire McCaskill’s Tax Reform Brain Teaser

Sen. Claire McCaskill’s vote against the Senate’s tax reform plan shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed her career.  While she teased Missourians that she might come around and support the bill if Senate leaders would just “toss out this proposal and start fresh,” her “No” vote was never really in doubt.

So we fully expect that whatever final bill emerges once the House and Senate meet to iron out their differences, McCaskill will oppose that, too.  Which is odd because just a few years ago she was fulsome in her praise of a tax reform bill that contained nearly every provision she so strenuously objects to now.

It was called the “Gang of Six” plan and McCaskill told St. Louis Public Radio it “moves us towards a flatter tax, a fairer tax, and a tax that I think will spur economic development because it will remove so much of the complexities [sic] in the tax code.”

Let’s examine the Gang of Six plan’s features and compare them to the GOP plan McCaskill couldn’t bring herself to support.

McCaskill is right, the tax code is broken; will she help fix it?

In today’s heated political environment, it seems like Americans don’t agree on much of anything. But there is one issue that brings people from across the ideological spectrum together: tax reform. According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, nearly 90 percent of Americans think it’s time to overhaul our broken tax code.

Tax reform unites Americans because fixing the outdated tax code isn’t about politics—it’s about helping people. But unless U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill and other lawmakers are willing to set aside their partisan agendas, Missourians will continue to be trapped in a failed system that keeps them from getting ahead.

Today, the overwhelming majority of Americans feel like the economy is rigged against them. It’s no wonder—the current tax code is packed with loopholes and tax breaks carved out by an army of lobbyists in Washington working on behalf of special interests.

This year, tax loopholes are expected to total more than $1.5 trillion. These handouts overwhelmingly benefit the powerful and well-connected, and everyday Americans are paying more as a result.

Last year, IRS tax collections represented more than one-fifth of Missouri’s GDP. Billions of dollars that could have been used to create jobs, launch small businesses and grow our state’s economy went to Washington instead.

Americans feel stuck. The country is experiencing the weakest economic recovery since World War II. Here in Missouri and around the country, families are facing anemic economic growth and slow job creation.

That’s why the framework the Trump administration and leaders in Congress rolled out is so encouraging. The plan levels the playing field, simplifies the tax code and lowers rates for families and businesses.

Implementing this tax reform plan is the single best way Congress can improve the lives of all Missourians. Lowering individual tax rates means more money in families’ pockets to spend on what’s important to them. Closing loopholes for the special interests increases fairness. Lowering the corporate tax rate means more jobs and higher wages for American workers. And simplifying our tax code creates an unrigged economy where everyone can succeed.

Americans have seen tax reform work before. The Kennedy, Reagan and Bush tax cuts all helped createmillions of new jobs and thousands more in disposable income for American families.

Each of these tax cuts meant better lives for countless Americans, and it can happen again if lawmakers are willing to make good on their promises.

In the past, Sen. McCaskill has been a vocal supporter of tax reform. She said the current tax code was “broken and needs reform.” She said she supports lower corporate tax rates. She said she wants to level the playing field. She said she wants U.S. businesses to be competitive in the global economy once again.

Yet now that she has the chance to implement those kinds of reforms, Sen. McCaskill is balking. McCaskill likes to claim she’s for reasonable tax reform. But she recently signed onto a letter making a number of unreasonable demands that would block genuine tax reform.

If Sen. McCaskill is serious about helping Missourians, she should champion this tax reform framework. Fixing our broken tax code will unleash a new era of economic opportunity in which our state’s families and businesses can thrive. Sen. McCaskill shouldn’t stand in the way of that progress.

Tax Reform is Washington’s Opportunity to Un-rig the Economy

There are 4,000 tax lobbyists in Washington, D.C. How many of them are working for you?

If you are like most Americans, the answer is none. Most people can’t afford well-paid tax lobbyists.

So while the lobbyists get their clients special favors, ordinary Missourians get the shaft – paying more of their hard-earned money in taxes than they should.  And Missouri pays a lot.  The federal government calculates more than 20 percent of our state’s economy goes to Washington, D.C. This means less money in our pockets to save, spend, or invest as we see fit.

This unfairness has Americans questioning the American Dream. According to an Election Day poll, 72 percent said that: “the American economy is rigged to advantage the rich and powerful.” And 54 percent said: “it is increasingly hard for someone like me to get ahead.”

It is hard to accept, but understandable.  Americans will pay more in taxes than they will spend on food, clothing, and housing combined. The result is ordinary Americans working harder than ever. They’re working overtime, part time jobs, and on weekends instead of spending time with their families. 

How Some State Politicians Are Using Government to Threaten Free Speech

co-written with Dan Caldwell, Director of Policy of Concerned Veterans for America

When it comes to threatening the free speech rights of American citizens, progressives have largely been the culprits at the federal level.

Yet increasingly, Republican state legislators have taken up this crusade.

Last month, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez rightly vetoed a Republican-supported bill that would have forced nonprofits to disclose their supporters’ personal information, saying it would “likely discourage charities and other groups that are primarily non-political from advocating for their cause.”

Now, New Mexico’s Democratic secretary of state might impose the same disclosure requirements through campaign finance rules she plans to unveil later this year.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation Announces Six-Figure Right-To-Work Issue Education Effort

St. Louis, MO – Today, the Missouri chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP-Foundation) announced a six-figure issue education effort to inform Missourians about the benefits of the recently-passed right-to-work legislation. AFP-Foundation will use digital ads, door-to-door canvassing, volunteer phone calls, and mailers to educate residents of how right-to-work affects Missouri workers.

The first mailer will land in residents’ mailboxes this week, which can be viewed here. The campaign also features a video:

You can learn more about the education campaign at

AFP-Foundation Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement on the right-to-work education campaign:

“We want to make sure all Missourians understand the facts about how right-to-work protects the freedom of every worker to decide whether to join a union or pay union dues. Passing this law was a major victory for worker freedom and we must make sure all Missourians hear the facts on how this law affects them.

“This campaign also solidifies the Foundation’s grassroots commitment and our mission to make sure every resident is armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions.”

The It’s Working effort is a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation), a nonpartisan organization committed to educating citizens about the value of limited government and a free market economy. AFP Foundation’s educational programs and analyses help the public at large understand why the American free enterprise system is the best method to ensuring prosperity for all Americans. For more information, please visit

Gorsuch deserves a swift confirmation

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill recently met with Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Although she remains tight-lipped about whether she’ll support his confirmation, it should be the easiest vote she makes in the U.S. Senate this year.

Judge Gorsuch is a brilliant judge with profound respect for the Constitution. After graduating from Columbia University in just three years, he earned a degree from Harvard Law School as well as a Ph.D. in philosophy from Oxford. He went on to clerk for Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy.

Judge Gorsuch is also a mainstream nominee who has received bipartisan support throughout his career. When he was nominated to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006, senators on both sides of the aisle found him so uncontroversial that they unanimously confirmed him on a voice vote. Sens. Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Ron Wyden, and nine other current Democratic senators were in office at the time of Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation.

Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri must work to fix a broken system

The stunning results of the election show that voters are demanding change. People across the country feel like Washington has rigged the system against them — and they are right. On issues ranging from health care to the tax code, government policies are harming working Americans while enriching special interests.

Missouri voters chose to send Sen. Roy Blunt back to Washington to tackle these issues. Now he must work to reform our broken system. Otherwise, he risks losing the support of the hardworking Missourians who entrusted him with this task.

Missouri workers won on Election Day

Missouri workers have something to be hopeful about after the Nov. 8 election. When he takes office, Governor-elect Eric Greitens will quickly take up an issue he advocated throughout his campaign: giving workers the freedom to decide whether they should support a union.

Many Missouri workers have been denied that freedom for decades, and new leadership in Jefferson City can make sure the “right to work” becomes enshrined in our state law.

Currently, all Missourians are required by law to pay union dues if they take a job at a unionized business. Regardless of whether workers agree with the union’s political activity or other stances, they’re forced to hand over part of their wages to the union as a condition of employment.

Doctors Push Opioids on Patients

Senator Claire McCaskill traveled the state last week to push for a Prescription Database Management Program. McCaskill wants the government to track your prescriptions because you cannot be trusted.

McCaskill tells us a PDMP is a tool in fighting opioid addiction and abuse. To date, Missouri is the only state in the union to force its citizens into a government-controlled prescription database. And though some push PDMP as the solution to stop abuse, many states with PDMPs, have far higher rates of abuse than Missouri.

But is a PDMP the answer to stopping abuse?

Novus, a medical detox center, says addiction and overdose may occur even if an opioid is taken as prescribed. They reference a 2010 study entitled, “Opioid Prescriptions for Chronic Pain and Overdose,” which shows that, despite PDMPs in nearly every state, opioid prescriptions have increased 800% over the past ten years across the nation.

Upcoming Veto Override of Constitutional Carry

Governor Jay Nixon revealed his priority with his veto of SB 656 – government over citizens.

Besides the dangers of allowing the government to force citizens to ask permission from bureaucrats before practicing a Natural Right, we also have privacy concerns.

As was mentioned in a previous article, Governor Nixon gave the concealed carry permit list to the federal government, even though state law prohibits such data sharing.

SB 656’s Constitutional Carry provision rectifies these issues.

Constitutional Carry protects your ability to practice your Natural, God-given right of self-defense without government intervention. Further, it gives you the option of not being in another state database.