Defiant Pastor to Be Executed for Refusing to Renounce Beliefs

Southwark, Eng. – A federal judge ordered the execution of Henry Barrowe to proceed after Barrowe repeatedly defied orders to comply with government approved religious practices.

Henry Barrowe, a pastor of Southwark Independent Church, had unsuccessfully appealed a delay in his execution on two occasions.

“The court does not do this lightly,” said the federal judge. But he said, “it’s necessary in this case.”

Mr. Barrowe had made clear he would continue to violate the order and imposing fines on Barrowe would be insufficient to force him to comply. Failing to take action against Mr. Barrowe would set a “dangerous precedent” by allowing other people to assume they could pick and choose the religious practices they follow.

Mr. Barrowe later turned down an offer by the judge to avoid being held in contempt on the condition that he agree to renounce his beliefs and accept only the government approved religion.

After refusing the offer, the federal judge removed the stay on Mr. Barrowe’s execution and scheduled him to be hung the morning of Tuesday, April 6, 1593.

Would the above be how the Wall Street Journal would have reported the order of Henry Barrowe had they been in print at the time?

It is how the Wall Street Journal reported the arrest and jailing of Kentucky County Clerk, Kim Davis, for practicing her religious views.

There is a strange and scary similarity between what the separatist Puritans faced in England, before they finally settled in America, and what Christians face today.

Those proceeding the Pilgrims were ridiculed by their fellow countrymen, lost their businesses and well being, and were imprisoned, even put to death, for not adhering to the laws governing religion.

Religious persecution was a common practice before the founding of our great nation and the reason the following words were placed in the First Amendment of our Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Today, government no longer believes it is prohibited from regulating the practice of religion.

We now have examples where government fined and gagged business owners, refused a business to open, and jailed a citizen for religious noncompliance.

We have a natural right to religious freedom protected by the United States Constitution and we do not give up our freedom when we leave our home, open a business, or seek public office.

An assault on our freedom is taking place and our state leaders must stand to protect Missourians from the religious zealots in government who would force their beliefs on the entire populace.

Missourians have the right to not only believe in the religion of their choice but to practice their religion. The Missouri General Assembly must take this threat seriously and make religious protections a priority next session, before our rights are “taken to the gallows.”

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