Is Your Union Older than You?

It’s a great day!

The company hired you last week and today is your first day on the job. Another employee leads you to the human resource office.

You get comfortable at a small table knowing you’ll be doing paperwork most of the day.

You’re thankful you remembered to bring your ID, birth certificate, and social security card.

You wonder if you were correct with your dependents and deductions on the W-2. You would hate to pay extra taxes come next April.

What’s this? A dues or agency fee deduction form? You’ve never seen this before.

The human resource officer explains that your position has union representation. You may not take the job without this representation. You may join the union and have one amount deducted each paycheck or not and deduct a smaller amount.

You’re caught a little off guard. The ad in the paper did not mention a union. You didn’t have a choice in picking the union. You didn’t even get to vote in the certification of the union. But today, this union represents you and you must pay dues or an agency fee.

Every year more employees have a similar story. Employees join a company and forced to accept union representation they did not vote for.

A Heritage report notes 93% of private sector union members did not vote to have their union. In their research of Florida they found 99% of teachers had no choice in representation.

It appears once unions gain power in a workplace they don’t let it go.

According to Union Facts, the majority of pro-union votes occurred before 1974. This means a majority of employees hired since before I was born had no choice in their representation. Those that first voted may have moved to other employment, retired, or may no longer be with us.

Is it right for us to force today’s workforce to support a union put in place by their parents or grandparents?


Are the needs of today’s employees the same as they were 25 or 50 years ago?


In 2011 Wisconsin took a step in the right direction with Act 10. Act 10 requires the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission to hold annual recertification elections. Each year teachers get to choose whether their union continues to represent them.

Recertification gives new employees the opportunity to have a voice in their representation.

If you’re a hard working individual represented by a union you deserve the right to have a voice and a vote. You need lawmakers willing to support you and give you the opportunity to have your voice heard.

Missouri needs to review the number of union members who had no vote in their representation. Missouri needs recertification.

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