New AFP-MO Digital Ad: Kander Sticking Up For Obamacare

Ad Shows Kander’s Agenda Increasing Costs for Missouri Families

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — Americans for Prosperity – Missouri (AFP-MO), the grassroots organization urging the defeat of Jason Kander, today released a new digital ad that shows the costs associated with Kander’s support for Obamacare. AFP’s ad points out Kander’s ten votes to protect Obamacare as health insurance premiums continue to rise.

The ad states:

“Missouri faces a spike in health insurance premiums – up to 34 percent next year. We’re paying a whopping two-thousand dollars more for Obamacare plans. It’s putting a squeeze on all our wallets. So what does Jason Kander think of it? He keeps sticking up for Obamacare. Kander voted ten times to protect Obamacare and make sure it was expanded in Missouri. That’s ten votes for fewer health care choices, and ten votes for more debt and higher bills. While he pursues his agenda, Missouri families pay the price. Missouri just can’t afford Jason Kander in the Senate.”

 AFP-MO state director, Jeremy Cady, explains:

“Missourians rejected Obamacare because they wanted choice and affordability in their healthcare. Next year we will continue to face dwindling options and drastic increases in our premiums. Yet, Jason Kander is relentless in supporting policies like Obamacare that cost Missouri families more. As the due date looms on our medical bills, it’s agendas like Jason Kander’s that leave us with less money to get by.” 

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