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Google Pixel 4 – Unlocked

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I originally purchased this Pixel 4 as my introduction to a private phone.

I had been using the Apple ecosystem and an iPhone as my daily carry. That switched with this phone.

I purchased this new and originally ran CalyxOS on it before switching over to GrapheneOS.

It took some time to learn, but GrapheneOS allowed me the flexibility to use apps I needed for work and still be secure and private.

You might be wondering how you can use a Google phone, a version of Android, and be private, especially since you are using products developed by Google.

Well, the Google Pixels are very secure phones. It’s the main reason Calyx and Graphene design their builds primarily for Pixels. To flash another OS, you have to unlock essential portions of your phone that you wouldn’t want nefarious actors to access. Unlike most other phones, a Pixel allows you to lock those areas back after you flashed a new OS. (This is why I don’t recommend LineageOS, as the OS doesn’t allow you to “relock” your phone).

As for the Android portion, GrapheneOS is a version of the Android Open Source Project. Anyone can take a copy and adjust it for their needs. All the tracking Google does will not appear in the AOSP because they don’t want you to know how they do it. They would be required to share all that code if it was included, which they don’t want to do.

There are a handful of applications I still cannot use, but most of my issues probably stem from adding a VPN and a few other items.

I upgraded to a Pixel 5A a year ago, and my wife just upgraded to the Pixel 6. We’re both running GrapheneOS.

So, we don’t need this phone any longer. BuyBackWorld says they’d take it for $85.

Also, you may notice that I’m accepting Bitcoin for this phone. Selling this phone gave me the excuse I needed to spin up a lightning node and a BTCPayServer (using Voltage). If you buy this phone, you can pay using Bitcoin on-chain (the typical Bitcoin transaction) or use Bitcoin over Lightning (if I setup up my channels correctly). I have a credit card option if you’d prefer to spend fiat.

If you have questions about privacy or Bitcoin, ping me on Twitter.

Video: Using Google Play Services on GrapheneOS


  • Google Pixel 4 – Unlocked
  • Used – Good Condition
  • 64 GB
  • Black
  • Model – G0201
  • No plug or cable.
  • No warranty. Purchasing as is.
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  • Will not ship international

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