Unions Blatantly Standing for Trafficking of Baby Body Parts

You may not be aware of it but if you’re in a union your dues could be supporting the harvesting and trafficking of body parts from unborn children.

Many unions have been funding Planned Parenthood for years with money collected from dues but after the recent revelation Planned Parenthood is profiting from selling baby body parts, these same unions are publicly standing for these practices.

It is shameful that Missouri does not allow union members the right to refuse payment of dues/fees if their union participates in supporting these barbaric acts. As a state we tell each working family, many of which hold deep religious convictions, that you must fund abortion. That you must support the harvesting of baby body parts. That you have NO choice.

This must change and Missouri must give union members the ability to hold their leadership accountable.

Below are recent examples on Twitter of unions not supporting working families but instead supporting abortion. If you’re a member, you paid for it.

American Federation of Teachers

Service Employees International Union

MO CWA President

MO AFSCME Executive Director

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