Digital Minimalism

I read Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism this week and it made myt think through my use of digital tools.

I even suggested to Heidi that she read it and I’m hoping to begin a digital declutter on October 1.

Few books have been impactful enough to make me seek immediate remedies, but Newport is persuasive in his argument.

In Digital Minimalism, Newport outlines the impacts of technology, not just social media, on our daily lives and our relationships with others.

Social media is the simplest example, but how is our use of technology detrimental to our well being?

Newport doesn’t argue that we should set aside technology, but instead makes you reflect on how you use it. Is your social media or SMS leading to an eventual phone call or, even better, an in person meeting. Or, are you replacing your interactions with others with the “Like” button. Don’t ignore the technology, change how you use it.

I recommend this for everyone and you can pick up a copy on Amazon.

I look forward to sharing the impact of our digital declutter.