Americans for Prosperity Thanks Senator Blunt for Supporting Devos Nomination

Group thanking supporters of the pro-school choice nominee

JEFFERSON CITY – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri is thanking Senator Roy Blunt for publicly backing Betsy Devos’ to lead the U.S. Department of Education. The grassroots organization supports Devos’ work to champion school choice and increase educational opportunities for all children.  

Join AFP – Missouri this Thursday in Missouri’s Capitol to watch a historic event as the Missouri House passes Right to Work legislation, the final step before it goes to our Governor.

In 2015 our legislators passed Right to work but didn’t have the votes to override the governor’s veto.

Fast-forward two years of hard work by our staff and activists across the state holding elected officials accountable and educating voters. We now have a legislature and a governor in place ready to move Missouri forward. We would love to have you with us to celebrate as we see right to work pass the legislature and go off to Governor Greitens’ desk.

Date: February 2, 2017
Time: 10:00 am
Event: Watch Historic Right to Work Vote
Topic: Right to work
Sponsor: American's for Prosperity - Missouri
Venue: Missouri Capitol Building
Location: 201 W Capitol Ave
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

“At the heart of economics is a scientific mystery: How is it that
the pricing system accomplishes the world’s work without
anyone being in charge?
. . . None of us could have invented it, and its operation
depends in no way on anyone’s comprehension or
understanding of it . . .
The pricing system—how is order produced from freedom of
choice?—is a scientific mystery as deep, fundamental and
inspiring as that of the expanding universe or the forces that
bind matter.”

Vernon Smith

1982. “Microeconomic systems as an experimental science.”
American Economic Review, Vol. 72, No. 4: 923-955.

AFP-MO Applauds Senate Passage of Right to Work Bill

JEFFERSON CITY – Americans for Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO), the state’s leading grassroots organization advocating for Missourians’ right to work, today applauded Senator Dan Brown, President Pro Tem Ron Richard, Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, and the other state senators who voted to pass the Senate’s right-to-work legislation.

Right to Work One Step Closer to Reality in Missouri

This Tuesday members of the Missouri House Economic Development Committee will hold a public hearing on Right to Work legislation. AFP-Missouri state director, Jeremy Cady, will testify before the committee in strong support of the proposed legislation.

Simply put, this issue could not be any clearer. Right to work guarantees a basic freedom – the freedom to work without mandatory union membership. Just as the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of assembly, so too does it guarantee the freedom to abstain from assembly. It is a travesty that workers in Missouri are not currently granted this liberty and can be fired from a job they love – in a place their skills are wanted – for refusing to pay a union.

Thanks For Standing Up For Taxpayers, Gov-Elect Greitens!

Major League Soccer investors are asking Missouri taxpayers to foot the bill for a new stadium in St. Louis. Luckily, our Governor-elect is standing in defense of hardworking taxpayers, realizing that this is an egregious example of corporate welfare. Governor-elect Greitens recently told journalists, “To be very clear, I have completely ruled out state funding for stadiums,” calling it “welfare for millionaires.”

AFP-MO Calls Penalty on Taxpayer Funded Stadium Proposal

Americans for Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO), the leading grassroots advocacy organization against corporate welfare, is responding to the City of St. Louis’ request for $40 million to help pay for a new stadium and their plan to ask city voters to approve a sales tax increase to pay an additional $80 million towards the stadium.