AFP-Foundation Sends New Right-to-Work Mailer to Missourians

Mailer reminds Missourians that workers now have the freedom to choose

JEFFERSON CITY – Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP-Foundation) today sent the second in a series of mailers to Missourians about the new right-to-work law. The mailer is part of the organization’s six-figure effort to inform Missourians statewide about the right-to-work law through digital video and display ads, direct mail, events, door-to-door canvassing, and phone banking.

You can see the new mailer arriving in homes today here.

You can watch the digital video ad at

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 1.26.16 PM.png

AFP-Foundation Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:

“Right-to-work is about workers, and we are proud to stand with the workers who now have the freedom to choose whether to pay union dues. Missouri workers have joined their colleagues in 27 other states in gaining the freedom to work without being forced to join or pay a union fee. Our mailer is just the latest in our effort to keep Missourians aware of the law and how it increases worker freedom.”

AFP-Missouri Releases 2017 Scorecard

Group Releases Interactive Website Analyzing How Legislators Voted Defending Economic Freedom

Jefferson City, MO– Americans for Prosperity – Missouri released its 2017 Economic Freedom Scorecard today as part of the group’s effort to inform citizens about the performance of their elected representatives and senators on important tax, spending, and regulatory legislation.

AFP-Missouri scored seven Senate votes and ten House votes on a wide variety of legislation. Important bills scored include SB 19, Right-to-Work, HB 1194, the Missouri Minimum Wage bill, and HB 230, a bill that would untangle regulations for those seeking a hair braiding license.

There were 20 “Champions of Freedom,” those scoring 90 percent or above, in the House and only one in the Senate: Sen. Bill Eigel.

Visit to view the interactive scorecard. Residents can search for a specific legislator by inputting their name, district number, or entering their own address to find their legislator.

AFP-Missouri also produced a one-page summary of the legislative session, providing a general analysis on how both chambers voted on key policy issues.

“We applaud the Champions of Freedom who led the way on some of the year’s biggest victories, which include making Missouri the 28th right-to-work state,” said AFP-Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady. “We plan to promote this scorecard throughout the state to inform Missourians on how their legislators voted. We commend our Champions of Freedom and encourage them to continue to lead the spread of pro-growth, free market policy that will benefit Missouri families.”

AFP-Foundation Announces Six-Figure, Statewide Right-to-Work Effort

Organization doubles down on successful issue education initiative in St. Louis

JEFFERSON CITY – Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP-Foundation) today announced a statewide, significant six-figure issue education effort to inform Missourians statewide about the benefits of right-to-work. AFP-Foundation recently completed a successful right-to-work issue education effort in St. Louis and will build on that effort with statewide digital video and display ads, direct mail, events, door-to-door canvassing, and phone banking to educate Missourians about the benefits of right-to-work.

You can watch the digital video ad at

The first direct mail postcard arrives at homes today and can be viewed here.


AFP-Foundation Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:

“Right-to-work is a great victory for all Missourians, but particularly for the workers who are no longer forced to join a union or pay dues as a condition of employment. We want to make sure Missourians know the facts about how right-to-work protects the freedom of all workers to decide if they want to join a union or pay union dues. Whether a worker chooses to join a local union or not, we are glad that Missouri workers make that decision, as workers do in 27 other states.

“We will reach hundreds of thousands of Missourians with the facts about right-to-work through a significant digital campaign, direct mail, events, and grassroots education. We look forward to talking with tens of thousands of Missourians about this issue at their door and over the phone in the coming weeks.”

AFP-Missouri Thanks Sen. Blunt, Slam Sen. McCaskill On Obamacare Repeal Vote

Group Plans To Hold Sen. McCaskill Accountable For Her Vote Against Repeal

Jefferson City, MO – Americans for Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO) applauded Sen. Roy Blunt for his vote to repeal Obamacare, while chiding Sen. Claire McCaskill for her vote against repealing the failing healthcare law.

At a town hall earlier this month, Sen. McCaskill defended Obamacare and blamed “freeloaders” who have legally chosen not to enter the Obamacare exchanges for the rising cost of premiums, which have increased by 125 percent since 2013, according to the Health and Human Services, under the broken healthcare scheme. And because of Obamacare, 85 percent of Missouri counties only have one insurance provider to choose from.

AFP-MO State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:

“Missouri has been especially hit by Obamacare, with huge premium hikes and insurers fleeing the market.  Today’s vote was an opportunity to rid ourselves of this mess and start the process of implementing targeted reforms to make health care more affordable and accessible. We thank Sen. Blunt for listening to Missourians and his vote to repeal the failed healthcare.” Cady continued: “With her vote against repeal, Sen. McCaskill has once again turned her back on Missouri. Her vote keeps intact a system that is punishing her constituents with sky-high costs and decreasing options.”

AFP-MO Troubled By Audit Of Tax Credit Programs

Jefferson City, MO – Following the release of the audit of Missouri’s tax credit programs by the Office of Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway, Americans for Prosperity-Missouri criticized the programs and urged the legislature to address its overlooked burden on the state. Galloway’s study found some of the tax credits create inefficiencies, which “result in a low return on the state’s investment,” and “significant tax credit liabilities to the state” totaling approximately $3 billion according to data from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Ultimately, the program found 73 percent of the credits redeemed were for programs that costed the state more than it’s economic benefit.

Nicole Galloway, a registered Democrat, was appointed State Auditor by Governor Jay Nixon in 2015.

You can view the report here.

State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:

“The findings of inefficiencies and the billions of dollars in liabilities to the state in this report are very troubling. We were sold the idea these tax credits were meant to spur economic growth however this report proves otherwise. This report clearly outlines our tax credit program is inefficient and an increasing burden on Missouri taxpayers. We urge the legislature to address this continued problem during the next legislative session.

“We thank the Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway for her hard work compiling this report.”

Americans For Prosperity Calls on Sen. McCaskill to Seize Opportunity for Tax Reform

Jefferson City, MO – Americans For Prosperity (AFP) – MO announced today that it is launching a digital ad campaign to encourage MO taxpayers to contact Sen. McCaskill and tell her to support congressional efforts to fix our nation’s broken and overly intrusive tax code.

The Missouri campaign is part of a nationwide effort that AFP hopes will harness the American taxpayers’ frustrations with the nation’s tax laws into a grassroots movement supporting broad, pro-growth tax reform that is based on AFP’s 5 Principles: Simplicity, Efficiency, Equitability, Predictability, and No New Burdens on Taxpayers. The ad encourages activists in Missouri to contact Sen. McCaskill and tell her “it’s time to fix our broken tax code.”

Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:

“It is time to fix our broken tax code. We encourage Sen. McCaskill to use her position on the Senate Finance Committee to take a leadership role and work in a bipartisan way to pass pro-growth tax reform based on AFP’s 5 Principles of simplicity, efficiency, equitability, predictability, and no new burden on taxpayers. We call on Sen. McCaskill to ignore the special interests who benefit from a confusing and complex tax code and listen to the people who want change.” 

Last month AFP announced a vision for tax reform that includes:

  1. SIMPLICITY: Lower rates, fewer brackets, and the elimination of special loopholes, deductions, and exemptions will make tax compliance easier and more affordable.
  2. EFFICIENCY: A broad-based, low-rate tax system is the most efficient way for the government to collect revenue – causing as little disruption to the economy as possible.
  3. EQUITABILITY: Corporate welfare and special-interest handouts in the current tax code create an unfair, two-tiered tax system and should be eliminated.
  4. PREDICTABILITY: Tax certainty is essential to a pro-growth tax system.
  5. NO BURDEN ON TAXPAYERS: Comprehensive tax reform should be done without placing new burdens on the American people, whether in the form of a BAT, VAT, carbon tax, or otherwise.

Click here to learn more about AFP’s five principles of tax reform.

Tax Facts:

  • Since 1986, the last time Congress significantly reformed our tax laws, “the code has grown more complex by the year, as evidenced by the fact that Congress has made more than 5,900 changes to the code—an average of more than one a day—just since 2001,” according to IRS Taxpayer Advocate.
  • The U.S. Tax Code is 4 million words long.
  • Individuals and businesses waste billions of dollars and billions of hours complying with the code’s complex and convoluted requirements. In 2016, tax code complexity cost American taxpayers and businesses $409 billion dollars, and over 8.9 billion hours in compliance time—time and money that could be put to more productive use.
  • America’s byzantine tax policy, with the highest corporate statutory rates in the developed world, deters American business investments, stifles economic growth, and caused America to lose as many as 3 million jobs.

AFP-MO Delivers Letter To Senate Leadership Supporting Union Recertification

AFP-MO Delivers Letter With Other Groups Supporting Extraordinary Session on Union Recertification

Jefferson City, MO – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri (AFP-MO) today delivered a letter, signed by multiple outside groups, urging Senate leadership to ask Gov. Eric Greitens to call for an extraordinary session to take up union recertification. The legislation would give workers the opportunity to hold recertification elections on a regular basis. Many major outside groups have signed on to the letter including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, 60 Plus Association, Frontiers of Freedom, Institute for Liberty, Taxpayer Protection Alliance, National Taxpayers Union, and Less Government.

You can view the letter here.

AFP-MO State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:

“Missouri made great strides this year by enacting right-to-work legislation. However, the legislature must go further and pass union recertification, critical legislation that will increase union accountability. We have an opportunity to build on the progress we’ve already made – the legislature must seize this opportunity. We call on the Senate Leadership to urge the Governor to call an extraordinary session and pass union recertfication.”

Seeking to build on labor reforms from earlier in the year, a coalition of conservative organizations wants top Missouri Republican senators to push for yet another special legislative session.

Date: June 14, 2017
Appearance: Conservative coalition asks for a special session on labor
Outlet: News-Leader
Location: Springfield, MO
Format: Newspaper

How Some State Politicians Are Using Government to Threaten Free Speech

co-written with Dan Caldwell, Director of Policy of Concerned Veterans for America

When it comes to threatening the free speech rights of American citizens, progressives have largely been the culprits at the federal level.

Yet increasingly, Republican state legislators have taken up this crusade.

Last month, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez rightly vetoed a Republican-supported bill that would have forced nonprofits to disclose their supporters’ personal information, saying it would “likely discourage charities and other groups that are primarily non-political from advocating for their cause.”

Now, New Mexico’s Democratic secretary of state might impose the same disclosure requirements through campaign finance rules she plans to unveil later this year.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation Announces Six-Figure Right-To-Work Issue Education Effort

St. Louis, MO – Today, the Missouri chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP-Foundation) announced a six-figure issue education effort to inform Missourians about the benefits of the recently-passed right-to-work legislation. AFP-Foundation will use digital ads, door-to-door canvassing, volunteer phone calls, and mailers to educate residents of how right-to-work affects Missouri workers.

The first mailer will land in residents’ mailboxes this week, which can be viewed here. The campaign also features a video:

You can learn more about the education campaign at

AFP-Foundation Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady issued the following statement on the right-to-work education campaign:

“We want to make sure all Missourians understand the facts about how right-to-work protects the freedom of every worker to decide whether to join a union or pay union dues. Passing this law was a major victory for worker freedom and we must make sure all Missourians hear the facts on how this law affects them.

“This campaign also solidifies the Foundation’s grassroots commitment and our mission to make sure every resident is armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions.”

The It’s Working effort is a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation), a nonpartisan organization committed to educating citizens about the value of limited government and a free market economy. AFP Foundation’s educational programs and analyses help the public at large understand why the American free enterprise system is the best method to ensuring prosperity for all Americans. For more information, please visit